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Artifact ID: e6b0c7dac5e8404d3eef0b3588a780f2a0d885b4924f4d059c770a71c794b401
Ticket: 770add1891d9e8d817eaa0e8556b6e9566c507fa
Flushing of persistent storage + mem-leak fix
User & Date: sebres 2017-11-08 09:38:30

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    I was wondering that if tcl application properly exits (calling all exit-handlers, etc.), then all still bound persistent storages are flushed (together with arrays, by implicit delete of all arrays in SvFinalize).

    IMHO this is a bug, because I believe the name "persistent storage" means persistent. But ATM only if "unbound" called before exit, it does not occur.

    Fixed within [c00a271dae] now.

    Additionally this resolves a memory leak by "tsv::array unbound" (especially annoying if bound/unbound switching often).

    See check-in [c00a271dae] for more info.

    BTW. I've created still one branch with possibility to compile with lmdb handler for windows, see [31d323157d].

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    Any objections? If not, I'll merge in the comming week.

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