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Tcl Scripts results in "called Tcl_FindHashEntry on deleted"
User & Date: adrianmedranocalvo 2016-05-18 12:01:41

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    In my opinion different aspects should be handled separately.

    This issue was about a SEGFAULT under rare circunstances (threads, errors, exit, tsv access). As far as I can see the changes discussed in previous messages prevent the SEGFAULT.

    If thread exit handlers do not run reliably a new ticket should be opened with some details. Using the following script with printfs in SvFinalize, it seems to run every time:

    ~~~ package require Thread set tid [thread::create -joinable]; ::thread::release $tid; ::thread::join $tid; ::exit ~~~

    With regards to enabling or disabling thread finalization altogether, I would suggest contacting the authors the reasons for the comment and whether it has been considered before enabling the feature. See [fd09ee731a3707e2d89414e1b04483abcbbb3291] and [072cffeecf3af65d6d60149c3e0fca67d6292c83], where it is disabled; and later [606750884097194eb1de16fc7d59ad8975105974], where it is enabled. It would seem to me that the comment is obsolete.

    Best regards, Adrián.

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