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[::thread::send -async] posting order not respected when sending to current thread
User & Date: adrianmedranocalvo 2018-07-31 11:27:59

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    if {0} { When the target thread of [::thread::send -async] is the current thread, the async script is not evaluated in order with respect to other [::thread::send -async] scripts.

    Let's call a [::thread::send -async] invoked from the current thread and directed to the current thread a local [::thread::send -async], and a [::thread::send -async] invoked from any other thread and directed to the former thread a remote [::thread::send -async].

    Current behaviour is that all remote [::thread::send -async] scripts will be evaluated before any local [::thread::send -asinc] scripts are, even in the case where the local scripts have been posted before the remote ones. See the script below for a concise example.

    Intuitively, [::thread::send -async] scripts should be queued and evaluated in the order they were added to the queue (that is, except if the -head argument was given).

    The script below demostrates this issue. We append to a global variable in the main thread in four different ways, in order: - An after 0 script - An after idle script - A local [thread::send -async] - A remote [thread::send -async] - Another after 0 script - Another after idle script

    The printed trace of the script is reproduced below. Contrary to the posting order, the remote [thread::send -async] is evaluated before the local [thread::send -async].


    Without knowing the details of the Thread package, one would expect the local and remote [thread::send -async] to be evaluated in the order they were posted. Instead, the remote [thread::send -async] are invariably evaluated before the local ones; and the local ones are evaluated as [after idle] commands.

    The cause for this behaviour is an optimization in threadCmd.c, commented as "Short circuit sends to ourself", where local [thread::send -async] are converted to [after idle], implying that a different queue is used for local [thread::send -async] events as oposed to remote [thread::send -async] events.

    How important is this optimization? I can't see much performance being lost if we would disable the optimization and would let local [::thread::send -async] be added to the queue along with all others. The benefit from this change would be a more consistent behaviour.

    The underlying use-case is a server with connection-specific threads. The connection-specific thread uses local [thread::send -async] in order to delay the flushing of responses, so that the application's locks are grabbed for a minimum amount of time. Other threads use remote [thread::send -async] to the connection thread in order to send messages through the connection. The optimization above difficults ensuring the order the responses are flushed.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ }

    package require Thread;

    set t(main) [::thread::id] set t(other) [::thread::create]

    # Let t(other) know the main thread's id, t(main). ::thread::send $t(other) [list array set t [array get t]]

    after 0 {lappend ::trace AFTER0-BEG;} after idle {lappend ::trace IDLE-BEG;}

    ::thread::send -async $t(main) { lappend ::trace LOCAL-THREAD-SEND; } ::thread::send $t(other) { ::thread::send -async $t(main) { lappend ::trace REMOTE-THREAD-SEND; } }

    after 0 {lappend ::trace AFTER0-END;} after idle {lappend ::trace IDLE-END;}

    after 100 {set forever now}; vwait forever; puts [join $::trace "\n"];

    # ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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    [::thread::send -async] posting order not respected when sending to current thread

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