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              tDOM - a XML/DOM/XPath/XSLT implementation for Tcl
                          (Version 0.9.2)

		    Jochen Loewer ([email protected])
                       Rolf Ade ([email protected])

                       with some contributions by:

                 Zoran Vasiljevic ([email protected])

This file contains some remarks about using tDOM package under the 
AOLserver, a webserver from America Online. 
For general information, look in the "README" file in this directory.


    Change to "unix" directory, edit the CONFIG file to select
    the correct configuration defaults and then do:

        sh CONFIG


    Depending on whether you use the AOLserver 3.x or 4.x series,
    you need to install the library in a different way.

    For AOLserver 3.x:

      The tDOM is build as AOLserver module. Please consult the
      AOLserver documentation how to setup the server to load
      AOLserver module(s). 

    For AOLserver 4.x:

      You can build tDOM as a regular AOLserver module or Tcl 
      loadable extension. There are examples in the CONFIG file
      how to do either.

      When building the tDOM as AOLserver module, you will have
      to manually setup the servers's startup script to load the
      module. Please consult the AOLserver documentation how to
      do this. 

      When building the tDOM as Tcl loadable extension, there is
      nothing special related to the AOLserver itself, except for
      the target directory/ies where the tDOM files will be 
      installed when you do: 

        make install

      All you need to do then is to use "ns_eval package require tdom"
      to load the library. This will make sure the tDOM is loaded in 
      every connection (or other) thread. You should add this command 
      to some of the Tcl startup files in modules/tcl, so it loads the 
      library on every server startup. 

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