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SQLite TCL Test suite regressions
User & Date: oehhar 2018-12-17 10:21:10

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    HaO: Moved from tcl ticket:

    I updated Tcl to 8.6.9 on OpenIndiana 2018.10 (illumos kernel, an OpenSolaris fork) and noticed that SQLite 3.26.0 TCL test suite fails in some 30 cases, 27 of them fail like this:

    ! window1-13.5 expected: [ ] ! window1-13.5 got: []

    However, those 27 work with Tcl 8.6.7.

    Here's the OpenIndiana shipped Tcl 8.6.7 sources:

    Here are my Tcl 8.6.9 changes, which exhibit the problem:

    You can run the SQLite test suite by `make test`, test cases are in tests/.

    Here's the window1-13.5 test case from sqlite-src-3260000/test/window1.test:

    590 do_execsql_test 13.5 { 591 SELECT a, rank() OVER(ORDER BY b) FROM t1 592 INTERSECT 593 SELECT a, rank() OVER(ORDER BY b DESC) FROM t1; 594 } { 595 }

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