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RFE-b4029dc351: make all Tdbc API functions MODULE_SCOPE (So far only tested on Windows) file: [e962b23f6f] check-in: [3afd48c9d8] user: jan.nijtmans branch: rfe-b4029dc351, size: 328
Changes to support run-time loading of MySQL. (plus cleanup identified in making those changes) <verbatim> tdbc: * Updated 'make dist' to include the tools that generate Stubs for external libs to support run-time loading. * Removed a stray backslash that caused a shell error message while configuring (and otherwise appeared harmless). * tools/genExtStubs.tcl: Adjusted to generate the Stubs files in Unix format only to avoid DOS-formatted files sneaking into the repository. tdbcmysql: * Added explicit reference to the TDBC library in the TCLSH_ENV. Updated the 'dist' rule to include new files. Added a 'genstubs' rule to make the stubs to load the MySQL libraries at run time. * Removed compile-time references to the MySQL headers and libraries. Added new files to SOURCES and HEADERS. * generic/fakemysql.h (new file): Minimal subset of mysql.h needed to make tdbc::mysql compile. * generic/mysqlStubDefs.txt (new file): Definitions of MySQL runtime library routines brought in by dynamic loading. * generic/mysqlStubInit.c (new file): Code to load the MySQL runtime library and build a stub table for it. * generic/mysqlStubDefs.txt (new file): Definitions of the routines to be resolved when loading the MySQL library at run time. * generic/tdbcmysql.c: Changed tdbc::mysql to load the MySQL library at run time and to have no compile-time dependencies on MySQL. * tests/tdbcodbc.test (tdbc::mysql-14.8): Corrected a misnamed test. tdbcodbc: * Added missing files to 'make dist.' Added a 'genstubs' rule to automate building of the Stubs table from the ODBC library added at run time. * generic/fakesql.h: * generic/odbcStubDefs.txt: * generic/odbcStubInit.c: Fixed DOS line endings. </verbatim> file: [6cf805f71a] check-in: [20ac2ee4ea] user: kennykb branch: trunk, size: 345
Added a dummy to restore 8.6 buildability file: [ca59f96ddd] check-in: [6391e4f6b8] user: kennykb branch: trunk, size: 354 Added