Building TDBC
Bounty program for improvements to Tcl and certain Tcl packages.

The TDBC build system should now be fully TEA compliant.

I've given up on making it build on 8.5, because it now depends on the changes made by TIP #357 introducing a Tcl_LoadFile entry point to load and build Stubs for a foreign library. The advantage to using Tcl_LoadFile is that all the drivers now can build anywhere that Tcl itself can, including cross compilation. This puts them well on the road to bundling them with Tcl itself.

To build tdbc itself, it should be possible to do:

./configure --prefix=/path [--exec_prefix=/path] --enable-threads [--enable-symbols]
(you can add other configuration options as desired), and then:
make all
make test; # should pass 12 of 12 tests
make install

To build the drivers, go into the individual driver source directories and do:

./configure --prefix=path [--exec_prefix=/path] --enable-threads [--enable-symbols]
If you haven't installed a matching tdbc yet, you need to add:
As with tdbc, the build is then:
make all
make test
make install

With most of the drivers, successful tests require:

The drivers should soon be available in the betas of ActiveTcl. Check with ActiveState for details.