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Comment:REFACTOR REPOSITORY : move tdbcmysql/ to the main directory
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SHA1: fb843aee138130eb963c05f0608186e4faae151e
User & Date: 200002852 2012-11-14 17:10:59
Changes to the configurator so that `make test` works even if tdbc is not installed. check-in: f54ba75c4d user: kennykb tags: trunk
REFACTOR REPOSITORY : move tdbcmysql/ to the main directory check-in: fb843aee13 user: 200002852 tags: trunk
REFACTOR REPOSITORY : remove local tclconfig in favour of using nested checkout check-in: 20a857b2e7 user: 200002852 tags: trunk
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Name change from tdbcmysql/ChangeLog to ChangeLog.

Name change from tdbcmysql/ to

Name change from tdbcmysql/README to README.

Name change from tdbcmysql/aclocal.m4 to aclocal.m4.

Name change from tdbcmysql/configure to configure.

Name change from tdbcmysql/ to

Name change from tdbcmysql/doc/tdbc_mysql.n to doc/tdbc_mysql.n.

Name change from tdbcmysql/generic/fakemysql.h to generic/fakemysql.h.

Name change from tdbcmysql/generic/mysqlStubDefs.txt to generic/mysqlStubDefs.txt.

Name change from tdbcmysql/generic/mysqlStubInit.c to generic/mysqlStubInit.c.

Name change from tdbcmysql/generic/mysqlStubs.h to generic/mysqlStubs.h.

Name change from tdbcmysql/generic/tdbcmysql.c to generic/tdbcmysql.c.

Name change from tdbcmysql/library/tdbcmysql.tcl to library/tdbcmysql.tcl.

Name change from tdbcmysql/license.terms to license.terms.

Name change from tdbcmysql/ to

Name change from tdbcmysql/tests/all.tcl to tests/all.tcl.

Name change from tdbcmysql/tests/tdbcmysql.test to tests/tdbcmysql.test.