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open connections aren't closed properly
User & Date: anonymous 2019-12-04 18:52:26

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    Executing "tdbc::mysql::connection create" will eventually throw "Too many connections", if I executed it too often before. The general workflow is: ----------------- tdbc::mysql::connection create # A single SELECT-statement $db_handle close ----------------- This workflow is run very often and around run 157 the mentioned erro is thrown.

    A comparison of the file "tdbcmysql.c" with version 1.1.0 shows that the DEFINES to decrement the ref-counters were changed from something like "if (--bla->refCount <= 0)" to "if (bla->refCount-- <= 1)". I guess it means the same thing but is just written differently. Nevertheless the 2 DEFINES "DecrConnectionRefCount" and "DecrResultSetRefCount" seem to be wrong. The first has a "01" instead of just "1" and the latter still has "0" but the "--" already behind the variable. When changing both these cases to "1" it seems to work again.

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