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Ticket: d6c4db25560b1a8c3a26f9369e57cf00327cb9b4 compile tdbcStubLib.c with -DTCL_USE_STUBS to not make tdbcodbc.dll dependent on tcl86t.dll
User & Date: oehhar 2019-08-28 20:36:40

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    I forgot the following information:

    • In the link line of tdbcodbc.dll, there is tcl86stubs.lib *and* tcl86t.lib. IMHO, the last one should be removed. But apparently, it does not harm, if there are no references (like in the link of tdbc.dll)
    • The client module tdbc::sqlite3 is not affected as it does not link with tdbcstubs.lib.
    • The client modules for postgres ad mysql should also be affected, as they also link with tdbcstubs.lib.
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