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Release notes for tclws 3.1.0



client,serverIntegrate changes from TCLWS 2.7.1 from AndroWish including: All files: formatting changes, WS::Client: error text corrections WS::Server: Newlines in html answers corrected (line continuation was missing) WS::Utils: - Version check code from J.Cone - WSDL include also includes XML namespace ::w:import - Wrong variable in error message ($Type->$type)[22cd801111]
Server SideMerged alternate trunk by J Cone 2018-10-08 to 2019-11-06 from chpseal: The original comments are: - Add version support for tclws services, data members, wsdl and documentation. Add an example field to tclws data members - Use optional args instead of cmdline arg processing - Use -version arg for generateInfo[549e549698][05648f54dc]
EmbeddedAdoption to the upper change.[7d57e638cc]