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Release notes for tclws 2.5.0.



Client SideTransfer some REST information from the ticket to a IMHO very incomplete doc [1ed3999e04]
Client SideCorrect Client side loading version number[6e8f96d585]
Client SideFollow html redirects also for client package[118a1dadf5]
Client SideAccept response node name to be also the output name and not only the output type.[21f41e22bc][6e84da1680],[170d9d7c59]
Client SideSearch type namespace prefix also in element nodes and not only in definition node of wsdl file. Patch by by Wolfgang Winkler.[dcce437d7a][1915e65746]
Client SideAdded a check, that an inline namespace does not clash with a global one . New option inlineElementNS to switch this on (default: on).[dcce437d7a][fb182ca3fc]
Client SideDocument the existing function WS::Client::SetOption and the difference to WS::Config
Client SideExtend option functions to return current options as a dict (as in the utils options).[7140a6c07a], [dcce437d7a][4bc013299a]
Client SideDefine new parameter serviceNumber to address a service definition (of n) in a WSDL file.[955e3754e5][b5e0c651f1]