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Artifact ID: dfdca05e9f1abf37b8f0910a30fd8d441cf781e4bfe227602d1e462ffc729bcc
Ticket: 61fd346dc3430829e2702dc314b3735357c68f12
WSDL Scheme subtree used instead of document - not found
User & Date: oehhar 2018-09-03 17:52:37

  1. Change assigned_to to "unassigned"
  2. Change comment to:

    Andy commented the commit [867828f03a] with the following comment:

    Correct which document is being imported

    (Also) this fixes the follwoing client side access error:

    I need to get TclWS to talk to Coverity, but I can't even parse the
    $ tclsh
    % package require Tcl
    % package require tdom
    % package require WS::Client
    % package require tls
    % package require uri
    % package require log
    % package require struct::set
    % WS::Client::GetAndParseWsdl https://coverity.labs.quest.com/ws/v9/configurationservice?wsdl
    returned code {200}
    key "Client" not known in dictionary
    % set errorInfo
    key "Client" not known in dictionary
        while executing
    "dict get $typeInfo $mode $service"
        (procedure "::WS::Utils::GetServiceTypeDef" line 9)
        invoked from within
    "::WS::Utils::GetServiceTypeDef Client $serviceName"
        (procedure "ParseWsdl" line 146)
        invoked from within
    "ParseWsdl $body -headers $headers -serviceAlias $serviceAlias -serviceNumber $serviceNumber"
        (procedure "WS::Client::GetAndParseWsdl" line 18)
        invoked from within
    "WS::Client::GetAndParseWsdl https://coverity.labs.quest.com/ws/v9/configurationservice?wsdl"
    % set WS::Utils::typeInfo
    $WS::Utils::typeInfo is empty, hence the dictionary lookup error.
    What am I missing here?  Is there more I can do to help debug?
    Debug log attached.
    Andy Goth | <andrew.m.goth/at/gmail/dot/com>
  3. Change foundin to "1.0-2.6.0"
  4. Change private_contact to "0f366eb3e9e2fcab52b8ebacd197db9047186a5f"
  5. Change severity to "Critical"
  6. Change status to "Open"
  7. Change subsystem to "Client_Side"
  8. Change title to:

    WSDL Scheme subtree used instead of document - not found

  9. Change type to "Code_Defect"