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time line of this fossil repo lags behind the chiselapp timeline
User & Date: anonymous 2019-12-03 20:56:27

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    <hr /><i>anonymous added on 2019-12-03 20:56:27 UTC:</i><br />
    Hello Harald,
    Thank you for your explanation. 
    I do miss e.g this checkin on the core reposistory: http://chiselapp.com/user/gwlester/repository/tclws/info/e687bd3994c17b2f which is also visible in the timeline on Chiselapp and not in the timeline on Core. Maybe I am missing something? I think all the recent checkins from  JCone are missing on Core. In his presentation in Houston, which I followed in the video stream, I think mentions that he is a bit surprised he got no reaction. So maybe is the time worth to inverstigate this a bit more?