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Artifact 95150fa54f2b0ed5b2038d96807c3a94b1792edbde6b65a5f4e0b4227c24ee5f:

Instance of technote [a00137dbf3] - Release notes for TCLWS 2.6.2 by oehhar 2018-12-06 12:25:05.
C Release\snotes\sfor\sTCLWS\s2.6.2
D 2018-12-06T12:40:31.512
E 2018-12-06T12:25:05 a00137dbf3f607f7c41714a253fbe3b9b0ec4421
N text/x-fossil-wiki
U oehhar
W 536
Release notes for tclws 2.6.2.


<table border=1>
<tr><td>Client Side</td><td>WDSL include: Correct which document is being imported</td><td>[61fd346dc3]</td><td>[867828f03a]</td></tr>
<tr><td>Client Side</td><td>Use log instead of stderr on WSDL include error</td><td></td><td>[07f65e990e]</td></tr>
<tr><td>Client Side</td><td>(WSDL) Support type with namespace definition in tag</td><td>[6fbee3208e]</td><td>[a1cf727fd3]</td></tr>

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