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Comment:Change version numbers of changed files to 2.6.0
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SHA3-256: fc8e965f20cddb1591ee2c40bd0ff1323254c4fc437ea6b2ade3457efa82eacc
User & Date: oehhar 2018-06-13 07:57:13
2018-07-20 15:17
Minor spelling fix check-in: f041a75d3a user: andy tags: trunk
2018-06-13 07:57
Change version numbers of changed files to 2.6.0 check-in: fc8e965f20 user: oehhar tags: trunk, Release_2.6.0
2018-06-13 07:47
Also use logsubst for the server side check-in: 80103f4d61 user: oehhar tags: trunk
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Changes to ClientSide.tcl.

Changes to Embedded.tcl.

Changes to ServerSide.tcl.

Changes to Utilities.tcl.

Changes to pkgIndex.tcl.