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Comment:Partial fix for [bcdbb594db].

It may be the entire fix -- waiting on feed back.

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SHA1: 94ea895cf9ccfc989169a5d3abadc4d73b36aed6
User & Date: gerald 2015-05-23 17:03:16
2015-05-23 17:12
Switched one of the debug statements back to info. check-in: 11b59f5d29 user: gerald tags: trunk
2015-05-23 17:03
Partial fix for [bcdbb594db].

It may be the entire fix -- waiting on feed back. check-in: 94ea895cf9 user: gerald tags: trunk

2015-05-08 02:38
Fix for [411a2eb59f] -- add double qutoes arround the SOAP Action. check-in: 80934c5bda user: gerald tags: trunk
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