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* tests/tlsIO.test: updated comments, fixed a pcCrash case that was due to debug assertion in Windows SSL. Closed-Leaf check-in: 5ed815df85 user: hobbs tags: merge-1-3-io-rewrite-07-26-00, tls-1-3-io-rewrite
* tls.c (ImportObjCmd): removed unnecessary use of 'bio' arg. (Tls_Init): check return value of SSL_library_init. Also lots of whitespace cleanup (more like Tcl Eng style guide), but not all code was cleaned up. * tlsBIO.c: minor whitespace cleanup * tlsIO.c: minor whitespace cleanup. (TlsInputProc, TlsOutputProc): Added ERR_clear_error before calls to BIO_read or BIO_write, because we could otherwise end up pulling an error off the stack that didn't belong to us. Also cleanup up excessive use of gotos. check-in: e64e21d80e user: hobbs tags: tls-1-3-io-rewrite
* tests/tlsIO.test: corrected various tests to be correct for TLS stacked channels (as opposed to the standard sockets the test suite was adopted from). Key differences are that TLS cannot operate in one process without all channels being non-blocking, or the handshake will block, and handshaking must be forced in some cases. Also, handshakes don't seem to complete unless the client has placed at least one byte for the server to read in the channel. * tests/remote.tcl: corrected the finding of tests certificates * tlsIO.c (TlsCloseProc): removed deleting of timer handler as that is handled by Tls_Clean. * tls.tcl (tls::_accept): corrected the internal _accept to trickle callback errors to the user. * made the install-binaries target regenerate the pkgIndex.tcl correctly. The test target probably shouldn't screw it up, but this is to be on the safe side. check-in: 977988aed6 user: hobbs tags: tls-1-3-io-rewrite
Use INSTALL_PROGRAM instead of INSTALL_DATA when installing libraries on hpux so that the libraries get execute permission. check-in: 2b4dc4cee0 user: wart tags: trunk
* tlsBIO.c (BioWrite, BioRead): changed Tcl_Read/Write to Tcl_ReadRaw/TclWriteRaw. * tls.c: added use of Tcl_GetTopChannel after Tcl_GetChannel and got return value from Tcl_StackChannel. * tests/tlsIO.test: added some handshaking that shouldn't be necessary, but we crash otherwise (needs more testing). * tlsIO.c: added support for "corrected" stacked channels. All the above channels are in TCL_CHANNEL_VERSION_2 #ifdefs. check-in: fb9a612600 user: hobbs tags: tls-1-3-io-rewrite
Added HPUX to list of known platforms. check-in: c7d3de2764 user: wart tags: trunk
Changed name of test variable from TCLTESTARGS to TESTFLAGS check-in: b9eeeb6baa user: wart tags: trunk

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