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* tests/tlsIO.test: updated comments, fixed a pcCrash case that was due to debug assertion in Windows SSL. Closed-Leaf check-in: 5ed815df85 user: hobbs tags: merge-1-3-io-rewrite-07-26-00, tls-1-3-io-rewrite
* tls.c (ImportObjCmd): removed unnecessary use of 'bio' arg. (Tls_Init): check return value of SSL_library_init. Also lots of whitespace cleanup (more like Tcl Eng style guide), but not all code was cleaned up. * tlsBIO.c: minor whitespace cleanup * tlsIO.c: minor whitespace cleanup. (TlsInputProc, TlsOutputProc): Added ERR_clear_error before calls to BIO_read or BIO_write, because we could otherwise end up pulling an error off the stack that didn't belong to us. Also cleanup up excessive use of gotos. check-in: e64e21d80e user: hobbs tags: tls-1-3-io-rewrite
Use INSTALL_PROGRAM instead of INSTALL_DATA when installing libraries on hpux so that the libraries get execute permission. check-in: 2b4dc4cee0 user: wart tags: trunk
* tlsBIO.c (BioWrite, BioRead): changed Tcl_Read/Write to Tcl_ReadRaw/TclWriteRaw. * tls.c: added use of Tcl_GetTopChannel after Tcl_GetChannel and got return value from Tcl_StackChannel. * tests/tlsIO.test: added some handshaking that shouldn't be necessary, but we crash otherwise (needs more testing). * tlsIO.c: added support for "corrected" stacked channels. All the above channels are in TCL_CHANNEL_VERSION_2 #ifdefs. check-in: fb9a612600 user: hobbs tags: tls-1-3-io-rewrite
Added HPUX to list of known platforms. check-in: c7d3de2764 user: wart tags: trunk
Changed name of test variable from TCLTESTARGS to TESTFLAGS check-in: b9eeeb6baa user: wart tags: trunk

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