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  1. Ticket change [d2a9ad812a] (rid 1258) by anonymous on 2017-04-17 11:21:47:

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      When compiling tcltls, at some point the gen_dh_params script is called. This script will generate the Diffie-Hellman parameters with a predefined bitsize of 2048, but I would like to use a bitsize of 4096, so a nice feature would be to do something like this:
      ./configure --dh-param-size=4096
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  2. Ticket change [f96e0498cc] (rid 1269) by rkeene on 2017-04-19 14:50:35:

    1. icomment:
      This is fixed in the current development version of TclTLS which has the configure option "--with-builtin-dh-params-size"
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  3. Ticket change [a44baba60f] (rid 1283) by rkeene on 2017-05-01 14:49:28:

    1. icomment: "Fixed in TclTLS 1.7.12, now released"
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