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  1. Ticket change [479518759c] (rid 1257) by anonymous on 2017-02-09 08:18:27:

    1. foundin initialized to: "1.7.11"
    2. icomment:
      I cannot easily build for windows, there is no win dir in the source, makefile.vc... And any guideline to generate db_params.h on windows?
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    8. title initialized to: "How to build Tcl tls on Windows from scratch?"
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  2. Ticket change [4d13c11866] (rid 1286) by anonymous on 2017-05-03 14:54:28:

    1. foundin changed to: "1.7.12"
    2. icomment:
      I got it running with mingw32.
      I made the following patch to the "aclocal.m4" file:
      > 		case $host_os in
      > 			mingw32|mingw32msvc*|msvc|cygwin*)
      > 				TCLTLS_SSL_LIBS="${TCLTLS_SSL_LIBS} -lws2_32"
      > 				;;
      > 		esac
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