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      If a parent process opens a TLS socket prior to forking, and its child process closes it, this has the unfortunate side-effect of terminating the parent's connection.  With a non-TLS socket this does not happen, i.e., closing the parent's socket in the child has no effect on the parent.
      If a fix for this is not implemented, could you please detail what code changes would be necessary to do so?  That way I can implement it myself without requiring it to be a feature for all users of this library.
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      In tls.c, Tls_Clean, if I comment out the BIO_free_all call, this problem goes away.  However, will this cause a memory leak?  Is there some better way you can think of that I can handle this situation?  I would ideally like the option of closing the socket and freeing all OpenSSL structures but not sending a close notify.
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      Probably the best solution is to enable "fast-path" during compilation, which
      lets OpenSSL handle that part of the process for TCP sockets.  This will
      eventually be made the default, it seems to be much better.
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