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      A line of the format package provide Tls 1.7.19 is desirable somewhere in tls.tcl, such that package requests with package require Tls from another program get a positive response that the package is present.

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      The Tcl API call Tcl_PkgProvide() is called from Tls_Init() as part of loading the TLS extension. There wouldn't be any advantage to adding it to tls.tcl.

      What are you trying to accomplish ?

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  4. Ticket change [cf4c9c8a65] (rid 1519) by anonymous on 2020-06-29 13:27:49:

    1. Change icomment to:

      The "package provide" is a standard feature of RPM build systems; it does not mean that at the time of calling "package provide" some Tls_init() has already happened or is available. We wish to cover situations inside a RPM build to *request* installation of that Tcl package, before running anything *after* the package might have been installed.

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