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      While compiling against openssl-1.1.1c I get the following error when compiling tls.c 
      In file included from tls.c:83:0:
      dh_params.h: In function 'get_dhParams':
      dh_params.h:33:4: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type 'DH {aka struct dh_st}'
      I have searched the net and saw this problem mentioned elsewhere:
      I have tried with different GCC versions - all show the same problem.
      OPENSSL_NO_DH is undefined!
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  2. Ticket change [3773354dc1] (rid 1425) by anonymous on 2019-08-02 08:12:45:

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      As a workaround I just added -DOPENSSL_NO_DH to the makefile.
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  3. Ticket change [a102dfe711] (rid 1450) by anonymous on 2019-09-26 13:20:29:

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      The core problem seems to be that include/openssl/bn.h of defines BIGNUM as a typedef of struct bignum_st, but does not define that structure anywhere.
      The declarations of the header of openssl 1.0.2 are still including such a definition; but the openssl 1.1 distributed with openSUSE 15.1 does no longer define the structure, and it's found nowhere in /usr/include, so the compiler has no chance to know whether 'p' and/or 'g' are members of that structure.
      So the first approach here might be that the code in tlsInt.h does not define TCLTLS_OPENSSL_PRE_1_1_API for e.g. OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER == 0x1010009fL as defined in opensslv.h .
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