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29 events by user rkeene occurring around 2020-10-12 20:38:41.

20:45 Changes to wiki page Download artifact: dcaf8be6aa user: rkeene
20:39 Edit [367f5093db]: Add tag "tls-1-7-22". artifact: 9f9282c2b8 user: rkeene
TclTLS 1.7.22 Leaf check-in: 367f5093db user: rkeene tags: tls-1-7, tls-1-7-22
Merged in trunk check-in: 81f58fc458 user: rkeene tags: tls-1-7
20:37 Changes to wiki page Documentation artifact: 6088730c61 user: rkeene
20:34 Fixed ticket [0c51e2e5de]: tcltls patch to obtain negotiated SSL/TLS protocol version plus 3 other changes artifact: d7653d1d94 user: rkeene
15:14 Changes to wiki page Download artifact: 7cd0bdebf0 user: rkeene
15:12 Edit [922479df76]: Add tag "tls-1-7-21". artifact: 38b5d23e67 user: rkeene
TclTLS 1.7.21 check-in: 922479df76 user: rkeene tags: tls-1-7, tls-1-7-21
Merged in trunk check-in: 0f00af3bbb user: rkeene tags: tls-1-7
Integrated mjanssen's work on loading certificates and keys as values check-in: b08bbeb9a1 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Only load private key if we loaded a non-default certificate Closed-Leaf check-in: 51a2b1ec9a user: rkeene tags: mjanssen-asn1-certs
Updated to support cert/certfile independantly of key/keyfile check-in: 952ef184e6 user: rkeene tags: mjanssen-asn1-certs
Corrected wrong use of "key" check-in: f3a497fc67 user: rkeene tags: mjanssen-asn1-certs
Add documentation for -key and -cert check-in: 60e0733e5a user: rkeene tags: mjanssen-asn1-certs
Fixed bug where syms file is cleaned in the wrong stage check-in: c82e9cbcbd user: rkeene tags: trunk
16:44 Changes to wiki page Download artifact: 41a3195868 user: rkeene
16:41 Edit [e5ec321a1b]: Add tag "tls-1-7-20". artifact: 9fdc3d3771 user: rkeene
TclTLS 1.7.20 check-in: e5ec321a1b user: rkeene tags: tls-1-7, tls-1-7-20
Merged in trunk check-in: 5ee220305f user: rkeene tags: tls-1-7
16:37 Closed ticket [b81e949a58]: build-fail on Solaris 11.2 with gcc plus 2 other changes artifact: 4298ea9f05 user: rkeene
16:37 Closed ticket [d51fd4f49a]: error in configure on Solaris 11.3 with developerstudio12.5 "cc" plus 2 other changes artifact: 884de7986e user: rkeene
01:12 Review ticket [984e4bbbac]: Not able to cross compile tcltls1.7.16 for Windows/AMD64 platform with gcc plus 5 other changes artifact: 9a382ce229 user: rkeene
01:11 Ticket [657abb4cd1] TLS Socket Closed in Child Process status still Open with 3 other changes artifact: 183ca4dc02 user: rkeene
01:07 Closed ticket [bd1a76399b]: File tls.tcl is not installed with Makefile plus 5 other changes artifact: 452ddabffc user: rkeene
01:02 Review ticket [4a7e8bc052]: package provide statement in tls.tcl plus 2 other changes artifact: fcfaff6d97 user: rkeene ... 1 similar event omitted.
00:57 Fixed ticket [b81e949a58]: build-fail on Solaris 11.2 with gcc plus 6 other changes artifact: 4bed522203 user: rkeene
00:56 Fixed ticket [d51fd4f49a]: error in configure on Solaris 11.3 with developerstudio12.5 "cc" plus 6 other changes artifact: 0dfe61fbfc user: rkeene
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