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Parents and children of check-in [83ee7c76db]

* tls.htm: * tls.c: added support for local certificate status check, as well as returning the # of bits in the session key. [Patch #505698] (rose) * tls.c: * tlsIO.c: * tlsBIO.c: added CONSTs to satisfy Tcl 8.4 sources. This may give warnings when compiled against 8.3, but they can be ignored. check-in: c34385bbcd user: hobbs tags: trunk
* configure: regen'ed. * configure.in: updated to 1.5.0 for next release. Changed default openssl location to /usr/local/ssl (this is where openssl 0.9.6c installs by default). Changed to use public Tcl headers (private not needed). check-in: 83ee7c76db user: hobbs tags: trunk
* Makefile.in: removed strncasecmp from default object set. This is only needed on the Mac, and Tcl stubs provides it. check-in: 904004a153 user: hobbs tags: trunk