Artifact [fac07465ee]

Artifact fac07465ee64dd28d5c0fcb418abe91d57c8a651:

2000-07-13  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/tlsIO.test: enabled tests 2.10, 7.[1245] (there is no 3),
	which now pass.  Added some comments to other failing tests.

2000-07-11  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tlsIO.c: changed all the channel procs to start with Tls* for
	better parity when comparing with Transform channel procs.
	Rewrote TlsWatchProc, added TlsNotifyProc according to the new
	channel design, which also leaves TlsChannelHandler unused.

	* tlsBIO.c (BioCtrl): changed BIO_CTRL_FLUSH case to use
	Tcl_WriteRaw instead of Tcl_Flush (to operate on correct channel
	in the stack instead of starting at the top again).  Would
	otherwise cause a recursive stack bomb when implicit handshaking
	took effect.

	* tests/tlsIO.test: removed changes made to test suite (all tests
	that ran before now pass correctly), and changed some accept proc
	args to reflect that a sock is an arg, not a file.

2000-07-10  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tlsBIO.c (BioWrite, BioRead): changed Tcl_Read/Write to

	* tls.c: added use of Tcl_GetTopChannel after Tcl_GetChannel and
	got return value from Tcl_StackChannel.

	* tests/tlsIO.test: added some handshaking that shouldn't be
	necessary, but we crash otherwise (needs more testing).

	* tlsIO.c: added support for "corrected" stacked channels.  All
	the above channels are in TCL_CHANNEL_VERSION_2 #ifdefs.

2000-06-05  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* Fixed broken test target.

	* tlsInt.h: 
	* tls.c: Cleaned up declarations of Tls_Clean to avoid errors on
	Windows (lint).

2000-06-05  Brent Welch <[email protected]>

	* tls.c, tlsIO.c:  Split Tls_Free into Tls_Clean, which does
	the SSL cleanup, and the Tcl_Free call.  It is important to shutdown
	the SSL state "synchronously" during a stacked flush.

2000-06-01  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tlsIO.c: Restored call to Tcl_NotifyChannel from ChannelHandler
	to ensure that events propagate from the lower driver.  This may
	result in an infinite loop in some cases, so this is not a total
	fix.  This may be sufficient for now, however. [Bug: 5623]

2000-06-01  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tlsIO.c: Restore the previous version.  Fixed the CloseProc so
	it unregisters the channel handler on the superceded channel
	instead of the upper channel. Also removed the call to
	Tcl_NotifyChannel in the ChannelHandler because this will result
	in an infinite loop if data is ever buffered in the BIO
	structure. [Bug: 5623]

2000-05-31  Brent Welch <[email protected]>

	* tls.c: Change the ChannelHandler to be registered on the main
	channel as oppsed to the "parent", or superceeded, channel.  This
	is because the socket driver notifies the main channel, and there
	are times with the main channel gets closed, but the superceded
	one is not yet closed.  If the channel handler gets triggered in
	this half-open state it is associated with the superceeded
	channedl, but uses its private pointer to the main channel, which
	is mostly destroyed.  Eliminated the redundant call to
	Tcl_NotifyChannel from TlsWatchProc. [Bug: 5623]