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Runtime-Error under MacOS
User & Date: anonymous on 2017-12-15 14:56:58

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  2. icomment:
    after successfully building under MacOS, i got the following runtime error on
    the command "package require tls"
    (mn) 1 % package require tls
    dlopen(/var/folders/r9/x4x3h5611lzgr49g07qj80r00000gq/T//tcl_MSdMv0, 6): Symbol not found: _DH_set0_pqg
      Referenced from: /var/folders/r9/x4x3h5611lzgr49g07qj80r00000gq/T//tcl_MSdMv0
      Expected in: flat namespace
     in /var/folders/r9/x4x3h5611lzgr49g07qj80r00000gq/T//tcl_MSdMv0
    i tried both openssl V1.0.1t and openssl V1.1.0g.
    If i use openssl V1.0.1t with tcl V1.6.7, it runs.
    maybe someone can help
    best regards
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