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Artifact 602c39a56cdd78561efa066e73fca0e90c0b6bac070d05abdec7809ff787ebbb:

Manifest of check-in [602c39a56c] - Added support for optional TLS commands BIO_CTRL_POP and BIO_CTRL_PUSH. BIO_CTRL_PUSH is an optional value that is not handled in the tlsBIO:BioCtrl(). The larger problem is that the library does not support new optional commands because it returns -2 for unknown cmds in BioCtrl(). I would suggest changing the default return value to 0. I confirmed that this fixed the issue. Source: https://core.tcl-lang.org/tcltls/tktview/006bd0c74e by bohagan on 2023-03-05 03:04:49.

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