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Added: * tests/certs/ * tests/certs/ca.pem: * tests/certs/client.key: * tests/certs/client.pem: * tests/certs/client.req: * tests/certs/privkey.pem: * tests/certs/server.key: * tests/certs/server.pem: * tests/certs/server.req: * tests/certs/cacert.pem: replaced by new ca.pem * tests/certs/skey.pem: replaced by new server.key * tests/certs/ckey.pem: replaced by new client.key * tests/certs/README.txt: new set of test certificates with some README info on their generation. file: [73e1cabe1e] check-in: [ec119988c0] user: hobbs, branch: trunk, size: 891 [annotate] [blame] [check-ins using]