History of aclocal/versionscript.m4 of 8e510a35981b1b58
EuroTcl/OpenACS 11 - 12 JULY 2024, VIENNA

History of file aclocal/versionscript.m4 at check-in 8e510a35981b1b58

Deleted: Replaced custom build scripts with TEA scripts. Removed custom build scripts and replaced with latest TEA config files. Updated pkgIndex.tcl.in to support static builds. Incorporated relevant previous build macros into scripts. check-in: [a329ea2ff4] user: bohagan, branch: TEA, size: 0
Added: Updated to include a copy of the autoconf macros we use in our version control, autogen will update them file: [b9d44e1a68] check-in: [f755cb09a6] user: rkeene, branch: tls-1-7, size: 1874 [annotate] [blame] [check-ins using]