MDC2.test at [8440f589be]

File tests/test_vectors/Hash/MDC2.test artifact a104d54869 part of check-in 8440f589be

# Auto generated from "MDC2.txt"
lappend auto_path [file dirname [file dirname [file dirname [file dirname [file join [pwd] [info script]]]]]]
package require tls
package require tcltest

tcltest::testConstraint MDC2 [expr {[lsearch -nocase [tls::digests] MDC2] > -1}]
catch {tls::provider legacy}

tcltest::test Hash_MDC2-1.1 {MDC2} \
	-constraints MDC2 \
	-setup {set data ""} \
	-body {tls::digest -digest MDC2 -data $data} \
	-match exact -result 52525252525252522525252525252525

tcltest::test Hash_MDC2-1.2 {MDC2} \
	-constraints MDC2 \
	-setup {set data "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"} \
	-body {tls::digest -digest MDC2 -data $data} \
	-match exact -result 000ed54e093d61679aefbeae05bfe33a

# Cleanup