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# Auto generated test cases for ciphers.csv

# Load Tcl Test package
if {[lsearch [namespace children] ::tcltest] == -1} {
	package require tcltest
	namespace import ::tcltest::*

set auto_path [concat [list [file dirname [file dirname [info script]]]] $auto_path]

package require tls

# Make sure path includes location of OpenSSL executable
if {[info exists ::env(OPENSSL)]} {set ::env(path) [string cat [file join $::env(OPENSSL) bin] ";" $::env(path)]}

# Constraints
set protocols [list ssl2 ssl3 tls1 tls1.1 tls1.2 tls1.3]
foreach protocol $protocols {::tcltest::testConstraint $protocol 0}
foreach protocol [::tls::protocols] {::tcltest::testConstraint $protocol 1}
::tcltest::testConstraint OpenSSL [string match "OpenSSL*" [::tls::version]]
# Helper functions
proc lcompare {list1 list2} {set m "";set u "";foreach i $list1 {if {$i ni $list2} {lappend m $i}};foreach i $list2 {if {$i ni $list1} {lappend u $i}};return [list "missing" $m "unexpected" $u]}
proc exec_get {delim args} {return [split [exec openssl {*}$args] $delim]}
proc exec_get_ciphers {} {set list [list];set data [exec openssl ciphers ALL];foreach cipher [split $data ":"] {lappend list [string tolower $cipher]};return [lsort $list]}
proc exec_get_digests {} {set list [list];set data [exec openssl dgst -list];foreach line [split $data "\n"] {foreach digest $line {if {[string match "-*" $digest]} {lappend list [string trimleft $digest "-"]}}};return [lsort $list]}
proc no_rsa {digests} {set list [list];foreach digest $digests {if {![string match -nocase "*RSA*" $digest]} {lappend list $digest}};return [lsort $list]}
# Test list ciphers

test CiphersAll-1.1 {} -body {
	lcompare [lsort [exec_get_ciphers]] [lsort [::tls::ciphers]]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}
# Test list ciphers for protocols

test CiphersProtocols-2.1 {SSL2} -constraints {ssl2} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get ":" ciphers -ssl2] [::tls::ciphers ssl2]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}

test CiphersProtocols-2.2 {SSL3} -constraints {ssl3} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get ":" ciphers -ssl3] [::tls::ciphers ssl3]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}

test CiphersProtocols-2.3 {TLS1} -constraints {tls1} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get ":" ciphers -tls1] [::tls::ciphers tls1]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}

test CiphersProtocols-2.4 {TLS1.1} -constraints {tls1.1} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get ":" ciphers -tls1_1] [::tls::ciphers tls1.1]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}

test CiphersProtocols-2.5 {TLS1.2} -constraints {tls1.2} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get ":" ciphers -tls1_2] [::tls::ciphers tls1.2]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}

test CiphersProtocols-2.6 {TLS1.3} -constraints {tls1.3} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get ":" ciphers -tls1_3] [::tls::ciphers tls1.3]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}
# Test cipher descriptions

test CiphersDescriptions-3.1 {SSL2} -constraints {ssl2} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get "\r\n" ciphers -ssl2 -v] [split [string trim [::tls::ciphers ssl2 1]] \n]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}

test CiphersDescriptions-3.2 {SSL3} -constraints {ssl3} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get "\r\n" ciphers -ssl3 -v] [split [string trim [::tls::ciphers ssl3 1]] \n]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}

test CiphersDescriptions-3.3 {TLS1} -constraints {tls1} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get "\r\n" ciphers -tls1 -v] [split [string trim [::tls::ciphers tls1 1]] \n]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}

test CiphersDescriptions-3.4 {TLS1.1} -constraints {tls1.1} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get "\r\n" ciphers -tls1_1 -v] [split [string trim [::tls::ciphers tls1.1 1]] \n]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}

test CiphersDescriptions-3.5 {TLS1.2} -constraints {tls1.2} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get "\r\n" ciphers -tls1_2 -v] [split [string trim [::tls::ciphers tls1.2 1]] \n]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}

test CiphersDescriptions-3.6 {TLS1.3} -constraints {tls1.3} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get "\r\n" ciphers -tls1_3 -v] [split [string trim [::tls::ciphers tls1.3 1]] \n]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}
# Test protocol specific ciphers

test CiphersSpecific-4.1 {SSL2} -constraints {ssl2} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get ":" ciphers -ssl2 -s] [::tls::ciphers ssl2 0 1]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}

test CiphersSpecific-4.2 {SSL3} -constraints {ssl3} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get ":" ciphers -ssl3 -s] [::tls::ciphers ssl3 0 1]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}

test CiphersSpecific-4.3 {TLS1} -constraints {tls1} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get ":" ciphers -tls1 -s] [::tls::ciphers tls1 0 1]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}

test CiphersSpecific-4.4 {TLS1.1} -constraints {tls1.1} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get ":" ciphers -tls1_1 -s] [::tls::ciphers tls1.1 0 1]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}

test CiphersSpecific-4.5 {TLS1.2} -constraints {tls1.2} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get ":" ciphers -tls1_2 -s] [::tls::ciphers tls1.2 0 1]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}

test CiphersSpecific-4.6 {TLS1.3} -constraints {tls1.3} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get ":" ciphers -tls1_3 -s] [::tls::ciphers tls1.3 0 1]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}
# Test version

test Version-5.1 {All} -body {
    } -match {glob} -result {*}

test Version-5.2 {OpenSSL} -constraints {OpenSSL} -body {
    } -match {glob} -result {OpenSSL*}
# Test list digests

test Digest_List-6.1 {Digest List} -body {
	lcompare [exec_get_digests] [no-rsa [tls::digests]]
    } -result {missing {} unexpected {}}
# Test Digests

test Digest-7.1 {md4 opt} -body {
	tls::md4 "Example string for message digest tests."
    } -result {181CDCF9DB9B6FA8FC0A3BF9C34E29D9}

test Digest-7.2 {md5 opt} -body {
	tls::md5 "Example string for message digest tests."
    } -result {CCB1BE2E11D8183E843FF73DA8C6D206}

test Digest-7.3 {sha1 opt} -body {
	tls::sha1 "Example string for message digest tests."
    } -result {3AEFE840CA492C387E903F15ED6019E7AD833B47}

test Digest-7.4 {sha256 opt} -body {
	tls::sha256 "Example string for message digest tests."
    } -result {B7DFDDEB0314A74FF56A8AC1E3DC57DF09BB52A96DA50F6549EB62CA61A0A491}

test Digest-7.5 {md4} -body {
	tls::digest md4 "Example string for message digest tests."
    } -result {181CDCF9DB9B6FA8FC0A3BF9C34E29D9}

test Digest-7.6 {md5} -body {
	tls::digest md5 "Example string for message digest tests."
    } -result {CCB1BE2E11D8183E843FF73DA8C6D206}

test Digest-7.7 {sha1} -body {
	tls::digest sha1 "Example string for message digest tests."
    } -result {3AEFE840CA492C387E903F15ED6019E7AD833B47}

test Digest-7.8 {sha256} -body {
	tls::digest sha256 "Example string for message digest tests."
    } -result {B7DFDDEB0314A74FF56A8AC1E3DC57DF09BB52A96DA50F6549EB62CA61A0A491}
# Test protocols

test Protocols-8.1 {All} -body {
	lcompare $protocols [::tls::protocols]
    } -result {missing {ssl2 ssl3} unexpected {}}

# Cleanup