ciphers.csv at [05b2dd47be]
EuroTcl/OpenACS 11 - 12 JULY 2024, VIENNA

File tests/ciphers.csv artifact f4aff3652a part of check-in 05b2dd47be

# Group,Name,Constraints,Setup,Body,Cleanup,Match,Result,Output,Error Output,Return Codes
command,package require tls,,,,,,,,,
command,# Make sure path includes location of OpenSSL executable,,,,,,,,,
command,"if {[info exists ::env(OPENSSL)]} {set ::env(path) [string cat [file join $::env(OPENSSL) bin] "";"" $::env(path)}",,,,,,,,,
command,# Constraints,,,,,,,,,
command,set protocols [list ssl2 ssl3 tls1 tls1.1 tls1.2 tls1.3],,,,,,,,,
command,foreach protocol $protocols {::tcltest::testConstraint $protocol 0},,,,,,,,,
command,foreach protocol [::tls::protocols] {::tcltest::testConstraint $protocol 1},,,,,,,,,
command,"::tcltest::testConstraint OpenSSL [string match ""OpenSSL*"" [::tls::version]]",,,,,,,,,
command,# Helper functions,,,,,,,,,
command,"proc lcompare {list1 list2} {set m """";set u """";foreach i $list1 {if {$i ni $list2} {lappend m $i}};foreach i $list2 {if {$i ni $list1} {lappend u $i}};return [list ""missing"" $m ""unexpected"" $u]}",,,,,,,,,
command,proc exec_get {delim args} {return [split [exec openssl {*}$args] $delim]},,,,,,,,,
command,# Test protocols,,,,,,,,,
Protocols,All,,,lcompare $protocols [::tls::protocols],,,missing {ssl2 ssl3} unexpected {},,,
command,# Test ciphers,,,,,,,,,
CiphersAll,SSL2,ssl2,,"lcompare [exec_get "":"" ciphers -ssl2] [::tls::ciphers ssl2]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
CiphersAll,SSL3,ssl3,,"lcompare [exec_get "":"" ciphers -ssl3] [::tls::ciphers ssl3]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
CiphersAll,TLS1,tls1,,"lcompare [exec_get "":"" ciphers -tls1] [::tls::ciphers tls1]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
CiphersAll,TLS1.1,tls1.1,,"lcompare [exec_get "":"" ciphers -tls1_1] [::tls::ciphers tls1.1]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
CiphersAll,TLS1.2,tls1.2,,"lcompare [exec_get "":"" ciphers -tls1_2] [::tls::ciphers tls1.2]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
CiphersAll,TLS1.3,tls1.3,,"lcompare [exec_get "":"" ciphers -tls1_3] [::tls::ciphers tls1.3]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
command,# Test cipher descriptions,,,,,,,,,
CiphersDesc,SSL2,ssl2,,"lcompare [exec_get ""\r\n"" ciphers -ssl2 -v] [split [string trim [::tls::ciphers ssl2 1]] \n]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
CiphersDesc,SSL3,ssl3,,"lcompare [exec_get ""\r\n"" ciphers -ssl3 -v] [split [string trim [::tls::ciphers ssl3 1]] \n]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
CiphersDesc,TLS1,tls1,,"lcompare [exec_get ""\r\n"" ciphers -tls1 -v] [split [string trim [::tls::ciphers tls1 1]] \n]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
CiphersDesc,TLS1.1,tls1.1,,"lcompare [exec_get ""\r\n"" ciphers -tls1_1 -v] [split [string trim [::tls::ciphers tls1.1 1]] \n]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
CiphersDesc,TLS1.2,tls1.2,,"lcompare [exec_get ""\r\n"" ciphers -tls1_2 -v] [split [string trim [::tls::ciphers tls1.2 1]] \n]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
CiphersDesc,TLS1.3,tls1.3,,"lcompare [exec_get ""\r\n"" ciphers -tls1_3 -v] [split [string trim [::tls::ciphers tls1.3 1]] \n]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
command,# Test protocol specific ciphers,,,,,,,,,
CiphersSpecific,SSL2,ssl2,,"lcompare [exec_get "":"" ciphers -ssl2 -s] [::tls::ciphers ssl2 0 1]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
CiphersSpecific,SSL3,ssl3,,"lcompare [exec_get "":"" ciphers -ssl3 -s] [::tls::ciphers ssl3 0 1]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
CiphersSpecific,TLS1,tls1,,"lcompare [exec_get "":"" ciphers -tls1 -s] [::tls::ciphers tls1 0 1]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
CiphersSpecific,TLS1.1,tls1.1,,"lcompare [exec_get "":"" ciphers -tls1_1 -s] [::tls::ciphers tls1.1 0 1]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
CiphersSpecific,TLS1.2,tls1.2,,"lcompare [exec_get "":"" ciphers -tls1_2 -s] [::tls::ciphers tls1.2 0 1]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
CiphersSpecific,TLS1.3,tls1.3,,"lcompare [exec_get "":"" ciphers -tls1_3 -s] [::tls::ciphers tls1.3 0 1]",,,missing {} unexpected {},,,
command,# Test version,,,,,,,,,