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EuroTcl/OpenACS 11 - 12 JULY 2024, VIENNA

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These files comprise the basic building blocks for a Tcl Extension
Architecture (TEA) extension.  For more information on TEA see:

This package is part of the Tcl project at SourceForge, but sources
and bug/patch database are hosted on fossil here:

This package is a freely available open source package.  You can do
virtually anything you like with it, such as modifying it, redistributing
it, and selling it either in whole or in part.

The following is a short description of the files you will find in
the sample extension.

README.txt	This file

install-sh	Program used for copying binaries and script files
		to their install locations.

tcl.m4		Collection of Tcl autoconf macros.  Included by a package's
		aclocal.m4 to define TEA_* macros.