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EuroTcl/OpenACS 11 - 12 JULY 2024, VIENNA
Comment:Merged TEA branch into master
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SHA3-256: 6c02d4d0291e784b0aa50630f09dc680de1dab0f2e1d322897ded26332b13a8e
User & Date: bohagan on 2023-05-13 20:25:38
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Merge status and X509 updates branch check-in: 1924dcd361 user: bohagan tags: trunk
Created status_x509 updates branch check-in: 8db793f55f user: bohagan tags: status_x509
Merged TEA branch into master check-in: 6c02d4d029 user: bohagan tags: trunk
Updated README.txt file Leaf check-in: d34cd241be user: bohagan tags: TEA
Starkit fix to add current library names to tls.tcl starkit load function. Source: and check-in: c9cb1a525d user: bohagan tags: trunk

Deleted HEADER version [b4ecd86142].

Modified from [500d902713] to [3d826d82ee].    [diff]

Modified README.txt from [4d858d5c33] to [ac96d5cec3].    [diff]

Added acinclude.m4 version [a920d53daa].

Added aclocal.m4 version [aa2bfd12c3].

Deleted aclocal/ax_check_compile_flag.m4 version [0974cae407].

Deleted aclocal/shobj.m4 version [2123b62392].

Deleted aclocal/tcl.m4 version [0d8f54c2f7].

Deleted aclocal/tcltls_openssl.m4 version [3644ca7551].

Deleted aclocal/versionscript.m4 version [b9d44e1a68].

Deleted version [825e8c0a23].

Deleted build/ version [f2c0aaf165].

Deleted build/ version [256b2f5d84].

Deleted build/ version [5b92f77928].

Added configure version [4c56eae107].

Modified from [6234df6904] to [ac9d3aa5eb].    [diff]

Added doc/tls.html version [a06ffeb7ad].

Deleted gen_dh_params version [90177a1658].

Added generic/gen_dh_params version [90177a1658].

Added generic/tclOpts.h version [26b0fd21c2].

Added generic/tls.c version [e3d417c077].

Added generic/tls.h version [bcbadd0481].

Added generic/tlsBIO.c version [2e81a5f072].

Added generic/tlsIO.c version [ff0429678e].

Added generic/tlsInt.h version [9a55e93f5a].

Added generic/tlsX509.c version [d4377f05cd].

Added library/tls.tcl version [3524eca483].

Modified from [13eb9e8d80] to [b9260959e6].    [diff]

Deleted tclOpts.h version [b51276a00c].

Added tclconfig/README.txt version [22e2b83057].

Added tclconfig/install-sh version [f46cea6570].

Added tclconfig/license.terms version [0639ae334e].

Added tclconfig/tcl.m4 version [a5fca333c8].

Deleted version [f4a8c433c1].

Deleted tcltls.vers version [f9f493f912].

Modified tests/all.tcl from [d55b3d9c74] to [b44ef18ced].    [diff]

Deleted tls.c version [9adcbda92a].

Deleted tls.h version [625cff2305].

Deleted tls.htm version [a06ffeb7ad].

Deleted tls.tcl version [6d0b26dfc0].

Deleted tlsBIO.c version [71885cfb41].

Deleted tlsIO.c version [cfd328a393].

Deleted tlsInt.h version [df5a52ff88].

Deleted tlsX509.c version [87f16e34d8].

Modified win/README.txt from [8e3c348717] to [5b3b0a3a95].    [diff]

Modified win/ from [2103458bde] to [11d5b7bf2c].    [diff]

Added win/nmakehlp.c version [b01f822eab].

Added win/ version [566230fdd9].

Added win/ version [d2af20cdf8].

Modified win/ from [a9dacf9516] to [96a25a1fa6].    [diff]