Artifact [3cadea583e]
EuroTcl/OpenACS 11 - 12 JULY 2024, VIENNA

Artifact 3cadea583eb92899deb92c9083fda78ecb95d78d30cf28cd0767cfd367cf2e99:

# Group,Name,Constraints,Setup,Body,Cleanup,Match,Result,Output,Error Output,Return Codes
command,package require tls,,,,,,,,,
command,# Random command,,,,,,,,,
Random,Min Length,,,string length [::tls::random 0],,,0,,,
Random,Example 1,,,string length [::tls::random 42],,,42,,,
Random,Example 2,,,string length [::tls::random 1000],,,1000,,,
Random,Private Option,,,string length [::tls::random -private 42],,,42,,,
command,# Random command errors,,,,,,,,,
Random Errors,Too few args,,,::tls::random,,,"wrong # args: should be ""tls::random ?-private? length""",,,1
Random Errors,Too many args,,,::tls::random too many command line args to pass the test without an error or failing,,,"wrong # args: should be ""tls::random ?-private? length""",,,1
Random Errors,Invalid length value,,,::tls::random bogus,,,"expected integer but got ""bogus""",,,1
Random Errors,Negative length,,,::tls::random -1,,,"bad count ""-1"": must be integer >= 0",,,1
Random Errors,Invalid option,,,::tls::random -bogus 42,,,"bad option ""-bogus"": must be -private",,,1
Random Errors,Invalid length with option,,,::tls::random -private bogus,,,"expected integer but got ""bogus""",,,1