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Ticket change [118749a900] - Fixed ticket [1367823d51d97f90|1367823d51]: <i>async tls::handshake returns 1 before handshake is complete</i> plus 5 other changes by rkeene on 2017-05-01 14:44:18.
D 2017-05-01T14:44:18.083
J icomment Fixed\sin\s[689d55e070],\swill\sbe\sreleased\sas\s1.7.12\sshortly.
J login rkeene
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J priority Immediate
J resolution Fixed
J status Fixed
K 1367823d51d97f90c7d72a3307b5ba7c8757b500
U rkeene
Z 00f0d5b1ccd03662c4c1ffa59cd8ca73