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Fix some Markdown typos check-in: 9a45fec3f8 user: kbk tags: kbk-refactor-callframe
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Changes to doc/20190216callframe/

    47     47       that is, extract the machine-native representation.
    48     48   
    49     49   Nevertheless, all of these tests become redundant if a second access
    50     50   to the variable is dominated by the first. In that case, partial
    51     51   redundancy elimination will eliminate all five of these steps and
    52     52   simply use the pure value in the arithmetic operation. The partial
    53     53   redundancy elimination is based largely on the value-based algorithms
    54         -developed in [][SIMP96][]
           54  +developed in [SIMP96][]
    55     55   
    56     56   We therefore assume here that we will take the brutally simple
    57     57   approach of generating code that:
    58     58   
    59     59     + whenever a local variable (whether potentially aliased or not) is
    60     60       loaded, generate a `moveFromCallFrame` instruction transferring a
    61     61   	Tcl value into an SSA value.