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Parents and children of check-in [3e49a05889]

Add conversion to IMPURE ZEROONE INT, needed in booltest. Keep code motion from messing with the callframe for now. Patch out the handful of remaining tests that abort. Next up: fix the dictest tests involving 'dict update', lsetest, and re-add support for direct ops. check-in: 27339e7e0c user: kbk tags: notworking, kbk-refactor-callframe
Restore the 'timings' list - if 'transform' doesn't produce it, there's a crash. check-in: 3e49a05889 user: kbk tags: notworking, kbk-refactor-callframe
Run dead code elimination before copy propagation because copyprop explodes otherwise. check-in: 9e16d3b8d6 user: kbk tags: notworking, kbk-refactor-callframe