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Bounty program for improvements to Tcl and certain Tcl packages.
Tcl 2019 Conference, Houston/TX, US, Nov 4-8
Send your abstracts to [email protected]
or submit via the online form by Sep 9.

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D 2016-09-18T00:12:09.233
T +comment aa765829f53e6cd534605c3b2f321ecdae188feb First\scheck\sin\sof\sthe\sOO\scode;\sdevelopment\sprior\sto\sthis\swas\son\sa\sbranch\sin\sTcl\s(and\sisn't\snecessarily\savailable\sat\sall).\r\n
T +sym-initial\scommit aa765829f53e6cd534605c3b2f321ecdae188feb
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