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Seg.fault on self-destroy in a method, in self namespace
User & Date: aku 2016-04-22 06:24:02

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    The script inlined below crashes the interpreter on execution, for Tcl 8.5 as of today tcl:a3e6750fec, in combination with TclOO 1.0.4 as of today [e5b56214c7].

    Notable, it does *not* crash with Tcl 8.6+ and its integrated TclOO.

    I suspect that the backport of a bugfix was not done quite right for 8.5.

    package require Tcl 8.5
    package require TclOO

    oo::class create ::trial { method trial {} { my destroy puts AAA puts [self namespace] ;# --- crash puts BBB } }

    trial create T T trial

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    Seg.fault on self-destroy in a method, in self namespace

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