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Ticket: 86dccceffb66d7becae329793a43b95e0f586deb
Fix processing of BUILD_TclOO directive for cross compilation
User & Date: erikleunissen 2017-06-18 09:09:22

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    The preprocessor directive BUILD_TclOO doesn't end up in config.h, which breaks cross-building for windows platforms from linux using a cross gcc.

    This patch provides a manually adapted, and a new regenerated from (by calling autoheader). The redundancy* that this patch introduces in the processing done by the resulting ./configure script is taken for granted.

    The patch was produced against the head of the trunk at 17-jun-2017 (sha1: e5b56214c7d658e95d2af367ab82d7a96b5a9afb).

    * ./configure script will now add the BUILD_TclOO directive twice to an intermediate file confdefs.h which is used to produce config.h. So be it, most users won't ever notice.

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    Fix processing of BUILD_TclOO directive for cross compilation

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