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4 check-ins related to "dns-rfc7858"

Pulling in bug fixes to the dns module from patthoyts. Resolves ticket [644ec25013] check-in: 9ba2ffd340 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
dns: update the uri parsing to use the renamed GetUPHP function GetHostPort was renamed to GetUPHP so make use of the new name. Closed-Leaf check-in: 2fde6e29c9 user: patthoyts tags: dns-rfc7858
dns: provide optional support for RFC7858 "DNS over TLS" RFC758 is a privacy enhancement for DNS that uses a secure link between a client and a DNS server and then uses TCP over the TLS link to make the DNS requests. See for a list of test servers. check-in: 17f97c201a user: patthoyts tags: dns-rfc7858
Refactoring practcl. Moved build tools to a mixin. Made the mixins modules. Added a "select" instance method to the ancestor class of major mixins. check-in: 1eca4e3892 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk