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Artifact ID: 781955c29036a6039a8c7e0c44def5c17b44b195
Page Name:DirectOO
Date: 2015-04-02 02:42:29
Original User: hypnotoad
Parent: 09c3ced2321dc073092199361bdfde70d621f325 (diff)

Getting Started

DirectOO is a new feature in Tclhttpd 4.0. It's goal is to allow applications to be built around TclOO, as well as to allow for more flexible handling of virtual paths.

To use DirectOO:

package require httpd::directoo

oo::class create myurl {
   superclass httpd.url

   method /html args {
      my reset
      my puts {
Hello World!

myurl create WEBOBJ /test

For more details httpd.url

For a test script with examples see bin/test/directoo.tcl