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History of bin/test/directoo.tcl

Converted the last of the lassign-brent calls to straight-up lassign Adapted the http::compat to be user selectable as far as how far back we intend to support Adding a qwiki object called MAIN to the default httpd thread Fixed the examples of Taourl so far to now employ the "puts" to buffer architecture. Merging in upsteam changes from tao Broke out the base security system and urls into layers file: [36a5f96a5d] check-in: [ffc189660f] user: hypnotoad branch: 4_0, size: 2496
Fixed the library path in the httpd.tcl script Adding a new unified session/login/contact/access control manager calleed "community" (half baked) Adding a quick and dirty wiki (qwiki). This code is being ported from the generators that run, and I'm only part of the way there so far, but the functions that are working can be exercised in bin/test/ (The test build an in-memory database) file: [311e12562a] check-in: [d1004ea2ce] user: hypnotoad branch: 4_0, size: 2201
Moved the lib/ directory to modules/httpd This will allow us to add additional modules and plugins in /modules but keep them clearly distinct from the core packages file: [187cd54c83] check-in: [db69fc69d0] user: hypnotoad branch: 4_0, size: 10871
Added implementation for the DirectOO system, as well as a test script. file: [0f88804cd4] check-in: [ed4da77adf] user: hypnotoad branch: 4_0, size: 10867 Added