The httpd.url class
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httpd.url is a TclOO class. The first argument (after the name of the new object) is the virtual root for this object. For more complex classes, the second argument is a key/value list of configuration options. Any arguments after that are passed to Url_PrefixInstall



An array which contains CGI data. It is populated every page view Cgi_SetEnv in Tclhttpd.


An array which contains the meta information and content about the page view in progress. Important fields:


method configurelist keyvaluelist

Pass configuration items as a key/value list.

method cget field

Retrieve the value of a configuration item


A method which implements the default root page of the object.

method initialize

A method which is called in the constructor, after the configuration items have been applied and the domain registered with Tclhttpd.

method httpdCookieSet field value ?expire?

Set a cookie named field and value of value. If expire is a postitive integer, it indicates how long (in seconds) this cookie should last.

Note: Cookies destined for "localhost" are mapped to null so browser will honor them properly.

method httpdHostName

Return the host name by which this page was accessed. Derived from env(HTTP_HOST).

method httpdDirect sock suffix

This method is the first called when resolving a dynamic page. It calles httpdSessionLoad to load the session, httpdMarshalArguments do compute the method to call. On error, this method returns an error message. On success it calls httpdSessionSave, before sending the resulting data out to TclHttpd via the Httpd_ReturnData or Httpd_ReturnCacheableData procs.

method httpdMarshalArguments sock suffix

Calculate the command which will implement the current page view.

method httpdSessionLoad sock *prefix suffix

Initializes the result variable, and load session data from either cookies or the incoming GET/POST query. This method also calls the Cgi_SetEnv and Url_QuerySetup procs from Tclhttpd. Rather than populate the global env variable, Cgi_SetEnv populates the private env variable for this object.

method httpdSessionSave sock

Updates the current session, and writes cookies back to the browser.

method reset

Reset the current value of result(body)

method puts

Append to the value of result(body). Accepts multiple arguments. An implied n is appended at the tail end.

method unknown args

Handler for unknown, incomplete, or invalid queries.