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Parents and children of check-in [19783bad7e]

Updating Practcl to the latest version from tcllib check-in: 68c6d500d5 user: hypnotoad tags: practcl
Pulling changes from trunk check-in: 19783bad7e user: hypnotoad tags: practcl
Updating practcl check-in: d290270581 user: hypnotoad tags: practcl
Undo TEA_PATH_CONFIG changes regarding addtional paths until it's more clear where OpenBSD/FreeBSD stores it's 'official' itclConfig.sh/tdbcConfig.sh. Fix [923f400aa03a5608]: New paths required for Darwin    Stu adds: This has nothing to do with where any one os stores itcl/itkConfig.sh.    It shouldn't matter to *tclconfig* where any anything stores anything, should it?    This is supposed to be a generic routine, used to pick up the *Config.sh of any extension.    There is no "common store" for *Config.sh files on any platform, afaict. Extensions currently keep their *Config.sh files in their own dirs. I believe this to be the case currently for all extensions and platforms. Perhaps changing this convention is a good idea.    The way things are currently, adding dirs for itcl would then mean adding dirs fors tdbc, tdom, etc.? I don't see that as being viable in the long-term. check-in: df3b672e10 user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk