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Artifact ID: 748b1607256fa97738784d6ba8924a773e9d717bd7a4bfa4caeb41a124f87907
Ticket: 0f7d79331d40b6dc42a51b2331277860192453e7
Latest tcl.m4 generates broken config.status
User & Date: dgp 2018-03-22 15:07:17

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    I tried to bring the tcl.m4 file, etc up to date in the iwidgets package. I grabbed the fossil tip of tcl.m4, dropped it in place, and ran autoconf 2.59 to generate a configure script.

    Then when running that configure script, I get these errors:

    configure: creating ./config.status ./config.status: line 303: SHELL: command not found ./config.status: line 303: srcdir: command not found

    It appears to be complaining about this line in config.status:

    INSTALL="$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/tclconfig/install-sh -c"

    That's all I know.

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