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Bounty program for improvements to Tcl and certain Tcl packages.

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RCS: @(#) $Id: README,v 2001/09/27 18:00:16 hobbs Exp $

Welcome to the tclapps, a suite of small applications for Tcl useful as
examples and in regular use to a large collection of Tcl programmers.
Applications may require Tcl, Tk and any known extensions.  This should be
explicitly noted in accompanying documentation, and the proper package
require statements should be used.

The structure of the tclapps heirarchy is:

 +- apps
     +- <app1>
     +- <app2>
     +- ...

There are some base requirements that a application should meet before it
will be added to tclapps:

* the application should use a namespace for its commands and variables

* the application must use package require statements for any packages
  used, preferrably with pointers on how to obtain the package

* the application must reside in a subdirectory of the applications
  directory in the source heirarchy, and that subdirectory must have the
  same name as the application and namespace used

* the application must be released under the BSD License, the terms of
  which can be found in the toplevel tclapps source directory in the file

* the application should have documentation

* the application should adhere to Tcl coding standards